General Manager's Message

Our valuable business partners , precious  friends and our employees ; 

The company , which is focussing on the trade of qualified steels since the early 1990s , is being located within pioneer organizations in stainless steel industry . Goktukler is being seen as a brand in the Turkish market in stainless steel sector long products today . We have stainless steel , round mill , wire , hexagon , square , flat bar and angle in our product range .

We make product analysis in our facility . Together with these tests , we identify potential problems that customers may experience in the future and offers them first-hand solutions. In other words , Gokturkler is not only a company which sell material to its partners , is complete supplier which is providing technical consultancy on all aspects of stainless steel .  

We provide stainless steel to lots of branch of industries like white appliances , kitchenwares , food , chemistry , medical , automotive , manufacturing , climatization , energy and marine sectors . Which we have reached over the years while increasing the number of sectors , we succeeded to be the most important supplier in lots of small & large sector .

Thanks to have a large amount stock and collective import power , we decrease the prices to reasonable levels and present this advantage to all industrialists This status is well known by the sector . Also , with our imports we present opportunity to reach the materials in different grades and spesific diameters according to usage area . Thereby , we help to our customers to decrease their production costs and to increase the competitiveness in export market . 

We saw that the most important problem , which comes from past to present , is inadequate quality of the materials used

When it comes to competition in the Turkish market, unfortunately, only offering a low price comes to mind . A lot of company in sector see their prices as the only weapon to hold on to market . However at the end of this situation , the companies compromise on material quality , lead time and all the detailed service to reduce the costs . As a result , our industrialists try to fix the additional labour expenses , product returns and delay in order delivery and etc . 

Our sensitivity , especially in quality of material and service , comes out from the competitive culture in market . 

The person , who aims career in Gokturkler Celık , has to dominate all the production process of each customer and help to them for chosing the correct product in their requirements . Improving ourselves and our material will always to be the most important point according to customer requirement .  

In the sector there are lots of companies which trading on standard items . Gokturkler has been doing import with special specifications prepared by its engineer staff for years.Therefore , Gokturkler Celik's products show much more corrosion resistance and mechanical properties according to other standard stainless steels in market .

At the beginning the foreign suppliers , which is get used to sending materials to Turkey in second quality , had have difficulty to accustomed  ; but after a while  
they got used to work with our  system . After that they changed their point of view to us as a partner , to Turkey as a sector and increased their respect  . Today in many products with our brokerage quality products , produced for countries such as America and Germany , are coming to Turkey . Therefore , Gokturkler is being seen  as number 1 supplier for industrialists seeking quality products and services in the sector.

However, we are responsible for first-hand inspection of all the factories which we cooperate with . Especially we visit the factories we have business relationship with in India and Far East with our team every year and continue to control and give a warning them .  

Besides busy program in domestic , we are reaping the fruits of our investments in the field of export . We appeal to the end user who demands special quality, especially in Europe, with a large stock . 
A large percentage of our sales are devoted to exports , we see that thee markets add a different vision to our company . 

Our aim is try to catch balance 50-50 in export and domestic sales . To do this , we plan to open office and warehouse in some of countries which we determined . Our biggest project is making Gokturkler Celik to regional power which is a brand in Turkey today .  

In conclusion , I thank to all our employees for their contributions . Their business seriousness and professionality is our key feature which makes us different and will always be like that . 

Also I want to thank to all our trade partners and our friends for supporting us . All our business and effort is for making them more competitive, more successful and more happy . 

Steel is our passion and we will continue to be at the head of the main suppliers of stainless steel to various industries in the future . 

Burak Göktürk
General Manager