Chairman's Message

Dear friends,


First of all, I am proud to announce that the year 2018 marks a major milestone for Gokturkler Celik. We are celebrating our 50th anniversary. In an unstable economy where businesses come and disappear so quickly, we are aware that this is not a small accomplishment. We feel humbled as we look back to the journey we have taken, but we feel ambitious as we plan for an even more exciting future.


Since the beginning in 1968, we’ve embraced a positive attitude to build a company of hard working individuals who share a common goal – to supply the highest quality of steel and provide the best service and solutions to our customers. We have always believed in embracing the family culture with our employees and representing Gokturkler Celik through hard work and honesty.


Gokturkler Celik, founded in 1968, is a leading company in stainless steel industry. In 2013 as our young and dynamic management came into office, the company became one of the strongest actors in its field. We have maintained the quality and efficiency of our services and at the same time have significantly increased our sales volumes. Today, our sales teams can succesfully offer and deliver stainless steel materials to not only all the cities in Turkey, but also to various ports and cities of Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.


In today’s global world, we plan on developing our relations with all international steel suppliers and consumers in accordance with our basic principle and values. Stainless steel which is a crucial economic contributor to modern industries and daily lives of all humans is going to continue to grow as an industry. Our goal is to create new projects for both the domestic and international stainless steel industries while sustaining our trademark high quality of service to our customers.


On behalf of our family and companies that have been a part of the steel industry since 1954, I would like to thank our customers, colleagues and friends for their support and loyalty to us through all these years. I am glad to see that as time has passed, the professional relationships we established have turned into true lasting friendships.


Steel is our passion and we will continue to be a major supplier of stainless steel to various industries in and around Turkey in the future.

Yüksel Göktürk

Chairman of the Board

Yüksel Göktürk

Chairman of the Board

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