Ali Hadi Göktürk
Hasan Göktürk
Hakkı Göktürk

1954  -  The Gokturk family moved from Sivas to Istanbul and started working in the iron and steel business in the historic Persembe Pazari.
1968  -  All the Gokturk brothers started working under The Gokturkler Collective Company.

1976  -  The warehouse with Turkey's largest flat steel stocks was built in Haskoy.
1984  -  Being among the founders of the industrial project, the company moved to Zeytinburnu Demirciler Sitesi upon its opening.
1985  -  The company started trading stainless steels and served various industries with imports.

2005  -  Hasan Gokturk retired from business and the management of the company was passed to Yuksel Gokturk and his family.
2008  -  A modern service center was constructed on 10,000 m2 land in Kirac, Esenyurt region.
2013  -  Gokturkler determined stainless steels as its core business.